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Vitrified Bond Diamond Bruting Wheel

Grit: W20 W40 W60 Tyle: 1A1 14A1
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6A2 Diamond Grinding Wheel
6A2 diamond grinding wheel used for sharpening and finishing of hard alloyed tools (cutters,drills and others)
1A1 Diamond Grinding wheel
1A1 Diamond Grinding wheel(14A1 is also available) used for machining of conical,cylindrical and flat surface,cylindrical and conical aperatures.
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Concering The Order Delay These Two Weeks
We have already given instructions for the manufacture department work to have priority and the engineers working on the job to be placed on overtime. These arrangements should see the installation completed by this weekend.
The Status & Tends of Machining Technologies for Super-Hard Materials
This paper introduces general methods of special machining and mechanical ma chining for super-hard materials, the research status and development tends for each method.(by Ding Guoping & Liang Oudma)
The Granularity Number And Basal Granule Sze Of Synthetic Diamond Or CBN
The Granularity Number And Basal Granule Sze Of Synthetic Diamond Or CBN:Original criterion of Industry Department(JB2808-79) And Criterion of P.R.C.(GB6405-86)
Vitrified diamond wheel for PDC cutter rough grinding
In this work,a kind of new vitrified bond based on Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glass ceramics was used to bond the diamond grains,which is made into grinding wheel and the cylindrical grinding process of polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDCs) by vitrified wheel
All About Abrasives
Bonded abrasives, such as those in grinding wheels, are made up of grains that are held together by a fixative material. Coated abrasives, such as used in belt, disc, roll, sheet, and flap-wheel products, consist of abrasive grains that are built ont
Comparison between vitrified bond and resin bond diamond grinding wheel in grinding PDC
The grinding radio decreases rapidly with the increasing of grinding feed. The disadvantage of this kind of grinding wheel is that the brightness of the ground PDC cylinder is not as shining as that processed by resin bond diamond grinding wheel.
PCD with filler materials and study of the brazing process
The results of research and application indicate that, the series of silver base brazing alloys been researched are suitable for brazing PCD tools under different application conditions.
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